the last of the mud flat...and then some

okay so i FINALLY got my film developed and scanned. and as i thought... I'M IN LOVE WITH THEM. here is a photodump for your viewing pleasure.

Kodak Portra  is my favorite film in existence. nuff said.

(also fun fact, i'm three likes away form 300 on my photography facebook page, so if you like what you see, you should like it by clicking the photgraphy tab on the sidebar)


saturday smiles

things that make me smile pretty:

-a to do list that gets done before you expect it to
-a clean apartment. 
-finding out that taking garlic pills will magically fight off the sickness i might be getting. seriously i think i witnessed a miracle yesterday...
-a clean car with no more traces of mud in it's crevances (hopefully)
-the fact that i'm 10 followers away form 200!!! <-- that actually makes me more excited than i expected.
-taking myself on a date, twice. and then also having more than that many real live dates this week.
-late nights cozying up to brooke and a movie, stereotypical girl style. BOOYAA
-skyping with old friends who somehow make bad moods and self doubts disappear.
-scarf weather is finally here, this is my tiiiime. utah is BEAUTIFUL this time of year
-crunching leaves with no regard to how dumb i look.


a few more pictures

i have a minor obsession with double exposures.
...and with film.


there is a place i know.

this weekend i went with some some cool cats up to the great salt lake. we ended up off-roading a bit (which my car, and now flat tire did not like) and found a wonderful place which i can hardly describe. When we first got there i walked out to the vast unknown and felt incredible. It was so much negative space and yet i felt encompassed with love and hope. then after that moment of awe, i had a few hours of fun with some fellow photo enthusiasts.

i only got a few digital images, you can check out those by clicking on the photography tab to your left :)
my battery was left at home, so i took these on frida's camera. It was kinda nice because it forced me to take lots of pictures with my film cameras which don't always get as much loving as i would like them to have....So i'm excited to get roll of film developed pretty soon here, and i can't wait to show it to you! (i just gotta shoot a few more frames)

oh yes.

i do believe it's fall

 a best friend, some film, a little shopping, and some incredible utah colors.
i love life.


monsters and men pandora radio.

i've been on hyperproductive mode for three days now.

 my bed misses me...
(this picture was taken when we finally had a hotel among the hostels this summer. We were really excited to not have to put our sheets on our bed ourselves. even if it was just for a night)


ingredients for a brilliant weekend

 spiritual rejuvenation, only putting on make up once, dogsitting for the worlds most perfect dog, and a sketchbook? add that on top of making some delicious pumpkin rolls and making my dads famous beef stew and you've got yourself a successful weekend with absolutely nothing academically productive :)


in which i introduce you to my love.

this is called a pluot. and it is the most delicious thing on this dear planet earth. Whoever came up with the idea of mixing a plum and and apricot together can have a big fat juicy kiss from me.
shirt: UO // pants: f21 // shoes:gap

i have never before been so obsessed with a fruit. it's a guilty pleasure WITHOUT FEELING GUILTY. it's my new "sugar" fix. 

i want to bath in pluots. 
okay maybe that was too far. 

okay maybe it wasn't.
boys i'm sorry but you've got a lot to live up to in my heart... because pluots can do no wrong.


farmers market, greek goddess style.

we went to the farmers market today, but i forgot cash and it was closing, so we're going to hit up another one tomorrow. But yeah, afterwards i decided i wanted to become greek. ergo, the impromptu leaf photoshoot.
shirt:thrifted // watch: thrifted // pants: Target

in other news, I'm still on track when it comes to losing weight! Thanks for your suggestions, any more snack ideas of things low in fat and/or high in protein. or anything in between?!


hello, please help.

image source: tbartonphotography
This is Jenn Blosil, before i even knew she could sing, i thought she was the sweetest girl on the planet. She was kind and introduced me to friends at a party that i quite frankly felt out of place at. Then i heard her sing...


watch this video and go to www.jennblosil.com
because she needs your help to do what she loves
and i can guarantee you'll love what she does.

she's almost to the amount needed to produce music for us, if you can just donate a dollar, that would be more helpful than you realize. it's worth it. i promise.


i live a weird life.

My family is kinda in utah and kinda everywhere else, so i've had to accomadate and sorta create my own little family. It's a little web of simple friendships and i'm very thankful to know that web is there to catch me in times of need. Here we are eating sunday dinner! (and making fun of tylers much loved duck face)
Last night my Uncle passed away. About a week ago he had a heart attack and has been in medically induced coma ever since. We were hoping this wouldn't be the outcome, but it is. Today more than ever I'm thankful that God exists and that through Christ we will still be able to see him again. 

It's a little frightening, these heart issues. My own father had a heart attack this summer and narrowly missed the same fate as Uncle John. For some reason God was calling my Uncle John home and asking my father to stick around a little longer.  Today my faith in God's plan for us has been strengthened, and among a load of grief... i have hope.